Dallas Icon Larry Hagman

Dallas Icon Larry Hagman “J.R. Ewing” dies in Texas

by Josh Peak on November 24, 2012 · 0 comments

Well, it’s true that Dallas icon Larry Hagman (who played J.R. Ewing) in the TV show ‘Dallas’ died Friday according to the Dallas News. When I found out, I must admit… I was sad. After lots of childhood memories regarding the show (Dallas), I was sad.

If you are a big J.R. Ewing fan, then you will like the ‘J.R. Ewing Quotes’ I put at the end of this post.

Every Friday night at the Peak household, Dallas would be on the TV screen. The show was so addicting, and the suspense kept me secretly waiting until the next Friday night

With the new show out now… guess what? My wife is addicted!

After being an entrepreneur most of my life, I must admit people like J.R. Ewing, H.L. Hunt, Ross Perot and other Dallas business superstars have been huge influences… the biggest one being Cowboy Bill Watts obviously. However, J.R. Ewing was the first, and no one ever forgets the firsts in life, right?

What’s ironic on finding out the loss of Larry Hagman, I was watching an old show via YouTube titled ‘Dallas: The Early Years‘.

Larry Hagman was a phenomenal actor, and will be missed in a big way!

Some would argue that the show Dallas in the 1980’s was a driving force in the spending craze among Americans. In that everyone wanted the ‘lifestyle’ of the Ewings… I would also add that Pam Ewing (Victoria Principal) was the definition of class in the show. Well, if it started the spending craze among Americans… it sure hasn’t slowed down much. The irony is, we are in similar times as the early 80’s in terms of the economy… except this time it’s worse.

I just felt moved to write a blog post on the loss of Larry Hagman, and for a nice treat… Here is a link to some of his famous quotes.

If you are a Dallas fan, please provide some of your memories below in the comment section.

Thanks and RIP Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing)

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