Josh Peak Interviews Terra Biotech CEO Warren Nugent

Josh Peak Interviews Terra Biotech CEO Warren Nugent

by Josh Peak on November 16, 2012 · 0 comments

About a week ago, I did an interview with a very successful entrepreneur out of Dallas Texas… his name is Warren Nugent. Warren has a very smooth and polished way about him… completely professional… almost Presidential!

I interviewed him on the Josh Peak Radio Show.

He has a background in the construction industry, but has now thrown his hat into the ring of the crazy world in network marketing. Now I’ve always said, I think the best CEOs in the network marketing and direct sales industry are people who are outsiders. Those are the folks who have built traditional businesses before, and understand the hardships… they haven’t simply been just a rep in a company… who then decided that they’re going to go ahead and start a network marketing company simply because they didn’t like the way thing were ran at the previous company.

We have seen so many self-proclaimed gurus go down in a ball of flames trying to run a ‘real’ business… then to see them go back to peddling their courses and tapes. Warren is NOT that guy!

Warren is also a strong family man. Actually, his daughter is Ali Nugent, Miss Texas USA 2013, and will be in the running for Miss America. His wife has a phenomenal story, as she overcame a strong form of cancer. Jesse and I has the opportunity to spend a weekend with the Nugent family in Dallas, and have to say… this is one of the most gracious families I have ever been around.

Warren has brought a great story to the marketplace and network marketing. His company is called Terra Biotech, and in this interview, I talked with him on the topics of entrepreneurship… and education versus schooling. Then the processes of what great entrepreneurs do in their minds while pivoting their business idea… how to overcome obstacles! I think this is going to be the type of interview that will inspire a lot of people… then clarify in their minds where to take their business and what the next step is.

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Here is where you can here the interview at the Josh Peak Radio Show

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